Mentor  Pharmaceutical Consulting


Welcome to Mentor Pharmaceutical Consulting, a group of independent consultants who specialize in providing advice to Government,  University and Pharmaceutical groups in the areas of oral protein delivery, transdermal protein delivery and cancer targeting. Additional expertise is available in the areas of implant technology and small molecule delivery.

Advice is given on choice of targeting agents, chemistry of conjugation, optimization of conjugation, nanoparticle entrapment and targeting, scale up, in vitro and in vivo models.

Oral delivery systems have been developed for proteins such as insulin, IGF, GHRP-6, Epo, Interferon, EGF, monoclonal antibodies, Fc fusions, Anti-TNF MAbs.

Transdermal systems have been developed for peptides and proteins and have potential in the delivery of anti-inflammatory molecules, such as anti-TNF, vitamin B12, LHRH analogues, Fc fusion proteins, topical weight loss formulations, and topical vaccines

Small molecule targeting has been developed for cancer imaging, diagnosis and treatment


MPC has developed a new delivery formulation for topical delivery of vitamin B12

MPC has identified a number of new targeting molecules suitable for oral protein delivery.

MPC has identified a novel strategy for oral delivery of antibodies and IgG-Fc-fusion proteins.

MPC has identified a novel strategy for oral delivery of insulin and IGF.

Our services include;
  1. Technology Assessment.
  2. Problem solving.
  3. Ideas on how to more effectively delivery your peptide or protein.
  4. Information on the complete process. How it works and how to do it correctly.
  5. Performance of literature reviews on competitive technologies.
  6. Identification and Evaluation of Intellectual property,
  7. Generation of novel IP.
  8. Advice on conjugation chemistry, optimization and scale up.
  9. Project planning