Mentor  Pharmaceutical Consulting


Case Studies

1. Investigation of the potential for natural transporters to be used for oral delivery of peptides and proteins.

    Demonstrated that Vitamin B12 could transport proteins, polymers and nanoparticles from the gut into the circulation

    Technology developed for oral delivery of protein phamaceuticals

    USP 5,589,463; USP 5,449,720; USP 6,262,253 ; USP 6,221,397;


2. Investigation of the potential to use vitamins as targeting agents for cancer targeting

    VB12, folate and biotin compared for their ability to image various tumour cell lines.

    Aggressive tumours found to over-express receptors involved in the uptake of folate, or vitamin B12 and biotin.

    Vitamin-targeted [dug-polymer] complexes showed enhanced killing of tumours

    Variable results found with different tumours with cytotoxins such as methotrexate, daunomycin, and platinum drugs

    US 2006/0127310


3. Development of transdermal delivery system for peptides and proteins.

    Specific water-in-oil microemulsions found to be active in transdermal transport of peptides and proteins

    Topical anti-inflammatory developed with tetrahydrocurcumin and adenosylcobalamin

    Topical anti-inflammatory activity shown with Enbrel, Humira and Remicade

    US 2007/0243132


4. Development of novel nanolattice system for oral delivery

    Demonstration of potential for zinc chelates to act as X-linkers in the preparation of nanolattices within a microemulsion.

    Folate, biotin, riboflavin and vitamin B12 found to be active as oral targeting agents

    Oral delivery of insulin shown.

    Oral delivery of anti-TNF molecules

    WO 2007/131286


5. Literature Review of Potential Carriers for Oral Protein Delivery

    10,000 word literature review on the state of the art and potential of oral transporters. >160 Citations

    Several novel transporters identified.


6. Literature Review to Examine the Effect of Tobacco Additives on the Bio-availability of Nicotine

    10,000 word literature review Contract Number 98-99 HAU/C7 to Australian Government. >90 Citations


7. Identification of the functional role of serum IgA

    Examined the potential for serum IgA to act as a blocking antibody

    Demonstrated the major functional role of serum IgA is to act as a blocking antibody for complement-mediated

    and Immediate Type Hypersensitivity Reactions.


8. Isolation of the major protein antigens of Group B Streptococci

    Purified the Ibc protein antigens.

    Raised monoclonal antibodies to both antigens

    Demonstrated that the major protein antigen was an IgA binding protein

    Developed an ELISA assay for N. gonorrhoea based on detection of the IgA1 protease.



9. Development of a diagnostic ELISA kit for the detection of salmonella in food

    Serotyped Flagella antigens from major antigenic groups so salmonella

    Developed large scale purification system for LPS-free protein antigens and standards

    Prepared affinity columns to generate specific antibodies.

    Identified cross-reactive organisms

    Isolated antigens and prepared affinity column for removal of cross-reactive antibodies.

    Developed diagnostic kit for detection of Salmonella in food.

    Establishment of TECRA International


10.Optimization of adjuvant formulations for veterinary vaccines

    Compared various adjuvants for effective use in sheep, cattle, dogs and cats.

    Identified powerful T cell epitopes in bacterial outer membrane proteins

    Identified a specific class of universal T cell epitopes in a number of self-adjuvanting protein antigens

    Generation of LHRH-TraT fusion proteins for generation of immune-castration in dogs

    USP 5976839; USP 5874083


11. Generation of a protective vaccine for neonatal scours

    Developed a purification system for E. coli pili and for LTB.

    Identified a new class of oral vaccine carriers, LTB-fusion proteins, lectin-like carriers for oral protein delivery.

    USP 6103243


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