Mentor  Pharmaceutical Consulting


About Mentor Pharmaceutical Consulting

Mentor Pharmaceutical Consulting is directed by Dr Gregory Russell-Jones, and specializes in providing advice to Government, University and Pharmaceutical groups in the areas of oral protein delivery, nanoparticle formulation, transdermal protein delivery, dissolution of Class II drugs, nanotheranostics, and cancer targeting. 

Advice is given on choice of targeting agents, chemistry of conjugation, optimization of conjugation, nanoparticle formulation, targeting, scale up, in vitro and in vivo models.

Oral delivery systems have been developed for proteins including insulin, IGF, GHRP, Epo, Interferon, EGF, monoclonal antibodies, Fc fusions, and antigens.

Transdermal delivery systems have been developed for peptides and proteins including LHRH analogues, EGF, IGF, Growth Hormone, insulin, monoclonal antibodies, Fc fusions, vitamin B12 analogues.

Novel targeted delivery systems have been developed for increased cancer targeting of imaging agents and cytotoxins to various tumour cells with greatly increased specificity and efficacy. Various potential serum markers for cancer diagnosis have been identified.

Mentor also identifies novel technology for protein delivery that is available for licensing or co-development.

More recently Mentor has been involved in the biochemical and genetic analysis of conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimer's Disease. A significant break-through has been made in identifying the causative biochemistry of the three conditions. In addition genetic associations in certain SNPs have been identified for CFS, and for ASD.

Advice is given either by email, phone contact or face-to-face meetings. We are very patient and do our best to communicate in an easy-to-understand fashion. We can also provide Powerpoint presentations to you of our technology.

We like to collaborate and a friendly and co-operative environment, however we do like to be paid for our advice, particularly if it involves novel Intellectual Property.

Mentor has recently introduced a "Name and Shame" policy. This policy has been necessary due to some of our more recent associations where collaborators/associates have either not paid us or have used information, ideas, concepts or data, provided to them under a Confidentiality Agreement, to gain commercial advantage without payment to Mentor. We believe that such behaviour is unethical and we would like to warn others.

It has recently come to our attention that a company in India with which we had an agreement has taken Intellectual Property made available to them under the agreement and has sought to gain Commercial Advantage of the property without compensation to Mentor. The property concerned the use of the neonatal Fc receptor for oral delivery of antibodies, the use of the intestinal insulin receptor for oral delivery of insulin, the use of a biotin binding protein for detection and treatment of cancer, and the use of the biotin uptake system for oral delivery in general. If you become privy to such information please be aware that the material, data, IP, presentations, publicity documents and project plans are the property of Mentor.